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At Ikigai, we strive to make a change for the changemakers of our generation. We look for brands with a beautiful mission to improve our world, so we can help them get their message  across. Through expertise in design, marketing and production, we are able to offer you all the elements you need to give your product or company the branding it deserves.

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The Ohm Collection produces cosmetics ethically and with only the finest, natural ingredients.


The Ohm Collection Webdesign

For an honest brand like The Ohm Collection, it is important to be transparent and open about their products. We created their website in such a way that all of their ingredients and work-processes can be traced, while maintaining a luxurious and clean design.

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Content Marketing

Ohm Deo Dorant Creme

To showcase The Ohm Collection’s new line of deodorant, we produced a video that captured their style and conveyed their message. We made sure to show off just how much the new creme deo can handle, and do justice to its sustainability and high-quality ingredients

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The Paragons is a second-hand store that offers only the best quality clothing, extending the lifetime of their items.


The Paragons Webdesign

The Paragons offers a beautiful collection of high quality fashion for both men and women, all second-hand. To emphasise these products, along with the beautiful mission to extend the lifetime of clothing, we redesigned their website.

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Blue Sea Project dedicates itself to a clean ocean, free of plastic and toxics, by offering a beautiful giftset.

Corporate Identity and webdesign

Blue Sea Project

Blue Sea Project is a collaboration between a number of brands that each work hard for a clean ocean in their own way. A combination of a bag made of recycled fishnets, a handmade hamam towel and a sunscreen free of toxics make for the most environmentally friendly set-up when going to the beach.

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Pure Sportswear is a sportsbrand producing high quality sports clothing from sustainable and recycled materials.

Webdesign and illustrations

Pure Sportswear Webdesign

Pure Sportswear has a beautiful story that needs to be told professionally. To accomplish this, we redesigned their website and handmade new iconography to be able to broadcast their story and vision to the world.

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Content Marketing

Pure Sportswear Gaia Sport Shirts

To show a perfect balance between the high quality and sustainable nature of the Gaia shirts of Pure Sportswear, we took up their content marketing, highlighting the shirts in a studio photoshoot and a video shoot in nature.

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We are a Haarlem based marketing & design agency founded in 2018 by two young professionals who want to help change the world. To achieve this, we produce high quality design and content to help brands we feel contribute to the planet.
how we work

About our ikigai

Finding your Ikigai means finding your reason for being. This philosophy is made up of four different principles that, whenever they are all present, should make for a happy and fulfilling life. We want to apply these principles to our own work as well:

Number 1

Do what you're good at

With a wide range of experience in all things marketing and design, we are able to offer you a full package of turning your business into its own identity.

Number 2

Do what you love

We believe the best design or campaign is one you love. That is why we will make sure we capture your ideas and ideals and reflect them in your branding. Even if you don’t know yet how to express your brand visually or in text, we will make sure to express your brand as it really is.

Number 3

Do what the world needs

The world needs the current generation of entrepreneurs and brands that care about our planet and everything living on it. These are also the people we want to support. As such, we work specifically for anyone that is trying to better the world, in whatever way, shape or form this might come.

Number 4

Do what you can get paid for

Finding your Ikigai is very down-to-earth. That’s why it also requires you to find something you can live off of. As an agency, we feel it is our duty to bring the best out of your business. Your new identity should not only make you and us happy, but also anyone that might be interested in your products or services.

Ikigai principles

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